Podcast: Pitching Mechanics and Lantz-isms with Baseball Think Tank’s Lantz Wheeler

In today’s podcast we are sitting down and talking pitching mechanics with Lantz Wheeler. Lantz is the Founder and CEO of the Baseball Think Tank, the inventor of the Core Velocity Belt, and owner and operator of the nationally renowned annual Pitch-a-Palooza conference.  And he is definitely no stranger to coaching pitchers.

I have known Lantz for many years, and I have been really looking forward to this Podcast.  I can tell you listening to Lantz is always highly educational and definitely entertaining. He has a way of simplifying complex human movement patterns into simple terms that most people can relate to.

Today, we’re going to discuss some of his famous “Lantz-isms” when talking about pitching mechanics as well as his opinion on throwing drills and tech to name a few.

Lantz can be reached on his social media platforms below…

    • Twitter – @LantzWheeler
    • Instagram – @corevelocitybelt

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