Pre-Throwing Arm Care Program for Pitchers

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Arm Care for Pitchers

Too many pitchers at all levels either (a) treat their warm-up and cool-down routine like a hassle or (b) simply don’t do it properly. The pre-throwing arm care program below is meant to provide you with a comprehensive protocol similar to that being done by top professional ball players.  A proper program and arm care for pitchers before a game should take 20-25 minutes before you pick up a ball.  It’s in six parts as follows:

    • Breathing / Reset
    • Foam Rolling
    • Mobility
    • Band Activation
    • Movement
    • Decel / Posterior Cuff Activation

All you need is the right equipment.  Since every athlete is different, I designed this program to cover all the bases.  Feel free to click each exercise for a “how to” video on proper form.

1. Breathing / Reset

2. Foam Rolling

3. Mobility

4. Band Activation

5. Movement

6. Decel / Posterior Cuff Activation

    • Reverse Throws (2 x 10, select 1 or 2lbs. as appropriate, throwing arm only)


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