What to Expect after Tommy John Surgery

Tommy John Rehab

During the past several years, we have been rehabbing many ball players sent to us by various well-renowned surgeons in the NY/NJ area with great success. Today, we are going to cover a topic that unfortunately has become more mainstream than ever, What to Expect after Tommy John Surgery? We’re going to review what goes into bringing a pitcher or position payer back from Tommy John surgery as QUICKLY and as SAFELY as possible.

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TJ, Taking a Negative Situation and Running with IT

The first trip to the disabled list can leave a young athlete searching for answers. Any athlete worth his weight loves to compete, so when that part of your life gets affected in a negative way, it’s important to get your head together and keep marching. Unfortunately, the “you should just stay out of the weight room for a while” slogan that some (not all!) doctors deliver doesn’t give the athlete much incentive to keep the rest of his body in shape while the injury is healing. After all, we can still make significant improvements in strength without moving the injured limb. Continue reading “TJ, Taking a Negative Situation and Running with IT”