The Best of 2018 – Pitching-related Articles

Here in Part 2 of this 2018 “Best of” series, are this year’s most popular pitching-related articles…

1. Five Disconnects in the Delivery and What to Do About Them – With our off-season pitching program getting ready to get underway, we’ll be dissecting lots of video over the next few months in preparation for bullpens come January. I thought this would be a good time to go over a few things we look for in our video analysis as well as some things we do from a corrective standpoint both in the tunnel and in the weight room to address them. Have fun… [click here]

2. Pitch Development and Design… The Elusive Cutter – Today’s article is on cutters, the same pitch Mariano Rivera made a nice living with, even though his opponents knew it was coming nearly 90% of the time. Cutters or cut-fastballs move differently than every other fastball. But before we go any further let’s establish what we consider to be a cutter and there is no better place to go than Rivera’s pitch… [click here]

3. Pitchers Arm Care Book (FREE Giveaway) – Pitchers Arm Care book is now FREE. Receive automatic download below!  When you work with as many pitchers as we do, you hear the same complaints day in and day out. Things like “my shoulder hurts right here” or “my elbow hurts when I try to straighten my arm”… [click here] to receive your FREE copy.

4. Inefficient Glute Load / Quad Dominant Delivery – The inability to load the posterior chain or “hip hinge” whether it be a strength, mobility or kinesthetic awareness issues can set off multiple disconnects early in the delivery, causing among other things a quad-dominant delivery as well as numerous other compensations all the way up the kinetic chain. Let’s take a look in this brief video… [click here]

5. What is Relative Ball Movement? And Why Does it Matter? – How often have we heard so and so throws hard but his ball is flat? They are talking about movement. Velocity is a pre-requisite but movement and relative movement is the other half of the equation… [click here]

Stay tuned for Part 3 where we will outline the most popular hitting-related articles.

See ya’ in the gym…