3 Great Mobility Drills and Stretches for Baseball Catchers

stretches for baseball catchers

Catchers are the unsung heroes in regards to duties on the baseball field.  But I think it’s really important that if they want to continue being at the top of their game, they need to remain mobile in an ungodly uncomfortable position.  For catchers, in-season, a large degree of importance needs to be placed on ankle stability, t-spine mobility and hip mobility. Creating mobility in three major areas can go a long way in helping any catcher succeed.  You can perform these mobility drills and stretches for baseball catchers at any time.

1. Ankle Mobility

Having good ankle stability allows for getting into the deep squat or “primary position” and stay there more comfortably. Without ankle mobility a huge strain will be placed on the already taxed hips. Ankle mobility is also crucial so they can “sway” to the left or right without too much movement of the receiving arm. Med Ball Sways work great to help.

(Med Ball Sways)

2. Hip Mobility

Young athletes have inherently tight hip flexors and lack of internal rotation due to the amount of sitting in class and playing video games. Pair this with a prolonged period of time in the squat position and you’ve got a cranky set of hips. Being able to go from squatting to standing is initiated from the hips, so increasing flexibility will help take some of the stress off of an already beat-up set of quads, not to mention their lower back. Here’s a great exercise we use with out athletes:

(Hip Flow Circuit)

3. T-spine Mobility

Good t-spine mobility is always key, but especially when in the “secondary stance” (usually when a runner is on base, or there are two strikes on the batter). Good thoracic extension also helps keep the shoulders back making himself a bigger target for the pitcher. The t-spine is also the major player in transferring power from the lower body to the upper. This simple mobility drill and stretch for baseball catchers can be paramount for helping to increase “pop time”:

(Quadruped T-spine Mob)

There you go…. three simple mobility drills and stretches for baseball catchers you can perform at any time and at any place.  Interested in more articles on catchers by RPP please click here and here.

See ya’ in the gym.

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)