5 Best Received Podcasts of 2022

In keeping with our year-end Best of Series, I thought it would be great to kick off the new year with the “5 Best Received Podcasts of 2022”. These are new for me this year and I must say, I am having a great time doing them, not to mention how much I’m learning in the process. So, without further ado, here are the 5 best received “Behind the Seams” podcasts of 2022.

1. Recognizing the Qualities of a Great Prospect with Texas A&M’s Nate Yeskie – Nate is the pitching coach at Texas A&M University, where they most recently advanced to the first ever semi-final appearance of the College World Series. During his nearly 20-year coaching career, he has established himself as one of the premier pitching coaches in the nation. In this podcast, Coach Yeskie sits down and talks about what it takes to be successful year-over-year and how to determine a young athlete’s projectability.

2. Controlling the Pelvis and Back Leg in Pitching with Randy Sullivan – Randy is the owner of the Florida Baseball Armory in Lakeland, Florida, and author of the books “Start with the Pain”, “Armory Savage Revolution” and “Engineering the Superhuman Pitching Machine”. He brings to the table his physical therapy background, blended with strength and conditioning as well as being one of the foremost authorities that I know of on applying dynamic systems theory and motor learning strategies with OH athletes.

3. Going Deep into Pitch Development with SF Giants Brian Bannister – Brian is the director of pitching for the San Francisco Giants. This one was a complete learning experience for me on all things pitching. Topics include the decrease in fastball usage, adjusting arm slots as well as muscle vs tendon-based movements and their relationship to spin rates.

4. Pitching Mechanics and Lantz-isms with Baseball Think Tank’s Lantz Wheeler – Lantz is the Founder and CEO of Baseball Think Tank and the inventor of the “Core Velocity Belt”.  Lantz continues to be a driving force amongst pitchers of all ages from high school to pro ball. He is a force on social media and a really good friend of mine…. Today, I want to touch on a couple of what I call “Lantz-isms” and get some explanations from the man himself.

5. College Recruiting in the New Era with College Sports Advisor’s Sam Sharf – Sam is the Co-Founder of College Sports Advisors and serves as the Director of Baseball Operations. He brings with him nearly 10 years of experience guiding families and athletes through the baseball recruiting process. Topics include recruiting camps, evaluating the right fit as well as the shift in the college recruiting process in general.

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