Creating Dynamic Core Stability at Foot Strike

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

Foot Strike Top Image

Avoiding energy leaks in the delivery is what it’s all about in regards to not only increasing velocity but reducing your risk of injury. In the case of young athletes who are still growing or pitchers with laxity (loose joints), from my experience the core seems to be the most common site where these leaks occur. Continue reading “Creating Dynamic Core Stability at Foot Strike”

Addressing Pitching Mechanics Issues in the Weight Room

pitching mechanics

For those athletes that can do certain basic things properly the sky is the limit. However, the reality is that the underlying foundation that enables pitchers to have good pitching mechanics and do basic things well is great strength and mobility (in other words a good movement strategy). Let me first start by saying this, there is no pitching coach on the planet that can get a pitcher into a desired position if the athlete does not physically have the strength or mobility to get into that position. Period. Continue reading “Addressing Pitching Mechanics Issues in the Weight Room”