Why Most Athletes Never Reach their Maximum Potential


The path to greatness isn’t a great mystery, it’s been documented by countless of great athletes since the beginning of time. Some people just seem to conveniently look the other way. Here at RPP, I see it all the time in regards to athletic training.

Here are 5 training flaws I’d like to address. Maybe it can save some of you a great deal of time.

1. They can’t see the big picture – Training is a year round event so you should have a year round plan. Your training should reflect where you are in your season (in-season, off-season, fall ball etc..).

2. They follow “cookie cutter” programs – Every athlete is different; therefore their training program should reflect that. This is especially true for individual correctives and mobility work. You wouldn’t follow a map to someone else’s house if you were trying to get home, why would you follow someone else’s program?

3. They try to train on their own at home – Not only is that un-motivating, unless you have the correct equipment (tools) to do the job you’ll never get the job done to full potential. You’ll never see a lumberjack chopping down a tree with a pencil!! Train at a facility that’s equipped to train you.

4. People like to do what they’re already good at – I see it all the time, I am talking about the player who takes 2 pitching lessons a week but comes in the gym once and never comes back. This young athlete is probably getting major kudos from his pitching coach but feels weak and inadequate every time he walks into the weight room. Champions work on what they’re NOT good at. Period.

5. The best athletes are leaders, not followers – My gym is filled with high caliber athletes, many times they are the only guys on their team to train outside of the High School weight room. I love it. They’re thinking outside of the box. I’ve got a gym filled with leaders that exercise a great work ethic every time they step into the gym. It does wonders for, not only building a great culture, but also helps motivate and raise the bar for the less motivated guys.

The solution?

Get out of your comfort zone and follow an individualized program that’s designed specifically for you and where you are in your season. Make sure you are using the most cutting edge equipment and being trained by motivating coaches trained to take you to the next level. Sound too good to be true?

I know a great place.

See ya’ in the gym.

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CPT, CSCS, NASM, PES, FMS)

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