Pitch Design Webinars

Pitch Design

Pitch design has taken the pitching world by storm. In this 4 part YouTube webinar, we take you from basics to how you can actually implement pitch design and improve ball movement patterns with your pitchers…

Part 1 – Pitch Design Basics

In this brief webinar (18:11), we will review the basics of ball movement.  It is an excellent primer for beginners who would like to learn about Magnus Force and the basic science behind how a ball moves through space.  It’s highly recommended if you are new to this concept or simply would like to learn some basic information before proceeding.  Here is a brief outline…

    • Basics of Pitch Movement
    • Different Types of Spin
    • Movement Charts
    • Movement Charts vs. Strike Zones
    • Spin Efficiency
    • Contributors to Movement
    • Movement Patterns

Part 2  – Pitch-by-Pitch Movement Patterns

This webinar (7:49) provides a summary of how a ball moves through space by reviewing each and every pitch type and their expected movement patterns.  Here is a brief outline…

    • 4-seam Fastball
    • 2-seam Fastball
    • Change-up
    • Sliders
    • Cutters
    • Slurves
    • Curveballs
    • Relative Movement – All Pitch Types

Part 3  – The Important Stuff

The important stuff (13:19) is exactly what it says.  This is a must watch video for those looking to learn and implement pitch design.  Here is a brief outline…

    • Advanced Movement Patterns
    • Spin Efficiency by Pitch Type
    • Spin Axis by Pitch Type
    • Spin Efficiency and Velocity
    • Understanding Rapsodo

Part 4  – Improving Movement Patterns

In this Part 4 of our Pitch Design Webinars (17:33), we review what everyone is interested in.  How to improve movement patterns!  Of course there are many ways to improve movement patterns and every pitcher is different. But it’s an excellent summary for both coaches and pitchers summarizing perhaps what can be done on pitch-by-pitch basis.  Here is a brief outline…

    • Initial Mapping
    • Factors Influencing Spin Axis
    • Arm Slots
    • Grips and Finger Pressure
    • Pitch-by Pitch Analysis
    • Miscellaneous Suggestions
    • Closing Comments


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