What Separates Good from Great?


Today I sat here reflecting on what a great year it has been and how thankful I am for everything that has come my way.

Having pitching tunnels and batting cages surrounding your weight room and experiencing how to deal with all these different modalities of the game on a daily basis has helped me to gather as much knowledge as possible and mold it into one discipline. That discipline is what RPP is all about.


(Pitching Tunnels at RPP)


(Batting Tunnels at RPP)

For me to provide a player with the most information available to transfer over to their sport, shouldn’t I understand:

    • The many issues that could cause poor deceleration or a late arm action in a pitcher?
    • Why a batter should keep his hands close?
    • What mobility issues could prevent a shortstop from getting to a ground ball?
    • How to increase a player’s time to first? or,
    • How to decrease a catcher’s pop time?


(Analyzing Pitching Bio-mechanics)

(Lat. Shuffle – Band Resisted)

(Batting in the Tunnel)


(Notre Dame Commit Dave LaManna works on pop time)

Everyday there are so many “ah-ha” moments that reveal themselves. Whether it comes from analyzing pitching video, reading, watching my coaches interact with our athletes in the weight room or listening to our Coaches  tweak one of the hitters in the batter’s box, it all makes me a better coach and enables us to develop what I believe is the most well-rounded training facility in the area.

But for the meantime, we’ll keep combining all the bio-mechanical aspects of the game while removing any limitations that could negatively affect speed or velocity and cause injury. We’ll also keep learning how to better employ the newest data and techniques to give our athletes the best chance to succeed on and off the field.

We tell our guys that it takes dedication and hard work on their part, so I feel we should give it right back.

So, if you ask me “what separates good from great”? I’ll tell you…

“It’s a never ending quest for knowledge and improvement, whether you are an athlete or a strength coach assisting them along the way. Never stop learning. I’ve always loved learning and putting more and more tools in my toolbox. Fortunately the intricacies of this game are many, so I won’t have it all figured out any time soon.”

If you haven’t heard of us yet, stop by and see what RPP is all about.

See ya’ in the gym…

By Nunzio Signore (BA, CSCS, CPT, NASM, PES, FMS)

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